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Adblue Barrel Lever Pump

Adblue Barrel Lever Pump

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The AdBlue Lever Barrel Pump is suitable for low volume applications, and can also be used to dispense AdBlue® from barrels here there is no power available.

Adblue Barrel Lever Pumps are designed for the easy delivery of AdBlue from drums. They are a popular choice when there is no power available, or when electric AdBlue pumps are not cost effective due to the small amounts of fluid being dispensed.

Main features of the Adblue Barrel Lever Pump


  • Polypropylene body with Viton seals
  • Piston mechanism
  • Max flow rate: 330ml per stroke
  • 2” BSP drum adaptor suitable for adblue barrels
  •  2 metre delivery hose

► Equipped with a 2″ plastic adaptator

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