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Piusi Elite Three 25 Electric IBC AdBlue Pump

Piusi Elite Three 25 Electric IBC AdBlue Pump

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  • Self priming membrane AdBlue™ pump
  • Sturdy stainless steel plate with roll bar protection
  • Crimped high quality EPDM 6m delivery hose
  • SB325 auto nozzle c/w meter & breakaway spout
  • Version with magnetic spout to prevent miss-filling
  • SEC connector to attach 1.5m suction hose to IBC
  • 200 micron long life 3D AdBlue filter
  • Locking bracket for sturdy IBC connection
  • High capacity hose holder & removable nozzle holster

From PIUSI's experience in the production of fluid transfer systems comes the PIUSI Three25, the world's most famous dispenser for AdBlue® that supports the transfer and filling of AdBlue® from IBC tanks.


PIUSI Three25 for AdBlue® adapts to the needs of users looking for a reliable and safe AdBlue® dispenser.

The Automotive industry has developed SCR technology to comply with the increasingly demanding parameters of the regulations (Euro 6) governing the emission of harmful substances. In order to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from the exhaust gases of diesel engine vehicles, the AdBlue® solution is dispensed into the special tank of Euro 6 vehicles.

The AdBlue® PIUSI Three25 dispenser simplifies the filling of Urea in tanks installed on vehicles and is suitable for all those workshops that need an IBC tank, which can be moved if necessary.

A poor quality AdBlue® dispenser could compromise and contaminate the AdBlue® solution, for this reason quality materials constructed entirely of polypropylene have been used to avoid oxidation of the materials and a clean flow without impurities.


The PIUSI Three25 AdBlue® transfer unit contains everything you need to refill.

The PIUSI SuzzaraBlue AdBlue® diaphragm transfer pump can dispense up to 30 l/min and the 6 m delivery hose and 2 m suction hose have a SEC connection.

The SB325_X automatic nozzle completes the Misfilling Kit with a spout with misfilling system and a PIUSI magnetic adaptor.

Finally, the 3D PIUSI filter helps to maintain the quality of the AdBlue® dispensed, thus extending the life of the catalyst.

To ensure the life and efficiency of the catalyst, AdBlue® must be dispensed at its optimum purity (32.5% Urea in demineralized water solution).


PIUSI with 7 important technical and structural innovations has responded to market needs with the study and design of the new PIUSI THREE25 dispenser:

Through 7 important technical and structural innovations, PIUSI has responded to market needs with the study and design of the new PIUSI THREE25 Dispenser:

  • 3D FILTER for AdBlue®
  • Sturdy stainless steel structure and roll bar protection.
  • SEC connector for plastic connections or alternatively the new Piusi AdBlue® Coupler (PDC) connector for typical steel attachments to the IBC tank
  • New safety lock for the support brackets:
  • Large and robust hose holder and ergonomic nozzle housing
  • Crimped EPDM delivery hose
  • New SB325/SB325 automatic nozzle with Break-Away system and stainless steel spout

PIUSI Three25 for AdBlue® is the right solution for fast and clean transfer and filling of AdBlue® under all environmental conditions.

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